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Tractor-trailers play a vital role in the American economy, picking up and delivering goods between businesses across the country. However, these vehicles are inherently much more dangerous than other types of motor vehicles due to their immense size and weight. When trucking collisions happen, injuries are far more likely to occur, and those injuries are usually far more serious than injuries that happen in typical traffic collisions.

Every motorist on the road must act with reasonable care while operating a vehicle. This means he or she must abide by road signs, obey traffic laws, drive at reasonable speeds, and use proper caution in inclement weather or less-than-ideal road conditions. Tractor-trailer drivers have heightened responsibilities, as they command the biggest, heaviest, and most dangerous vehicles on the road.

Causes of Trucking Collisions

Trucks are susceptible to the same hazards on the road as any other vehicle, in many cases even more so. Trucks also pose an added degree of danger due to the fact that many truck drivers must comply with demanding schedules and meet tight deadlines, often encouraging them to cut corners or sacrifice their own health and well-being for the sake of meeting delivery and pickup times.

Trucker health has become more of a priority for American companies in light of the seriousness of trucking collisions. By law, truck drivers may drive for only an approved number of hours each day, and must take adequate breaks for rest and proper sleep. Unfortunately, many truck drivers choose to drive too long without proper rest, use dangerous substances to stay awake longer, or drive too fast in order to meet deadlines.

Distracted driving is also a factor. It’s imperative that motorists stay focused on the road and the driving, and this is especially true of truck drivers. While driving at high speeds, taking your attention away from the road even for a few seconds can have disastrous consequences. A few seconds can translate to hundreds of yards on the highway, and a lot of things can happen in that distance.

Tractor-trailers also require a higher degree of maintenance than most other motor vehicles. These vehicles are on the road for long periods with very short breaks between shifts. Tractor-trailer engines are also much larger than other vehicles. Without proper, regular maintenance, a small oversight or issue can turn into a catastrophe on the road.

Types of Liability

Depending on the nature of a trucking collision, one or more parties may be liable for the resulting damage and injuries. If a truck driver falls asleep at the wheel and strikes another vehicle, the injured passenger can claim damages under personal injury law for negligence. If improper truck maintenance or an incorrectly secured load caused the collision, the courts may hold the maintenance technician or trucking company accountable. Similarly, if a defective part of the truck caused the collision, the parts manufacturer may be liable under product liability law. A trucking collision could potentially entail one or more of these possibilities, so it’s vital that you reach out to an experienced Dallas attorney to determine the best course of action when pursuing your case.

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