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Dallas Falling Debris Injury Lawyer

Falling debris can injure construction workers and unsuspecting pedestrians in Dallas, Texas. Construction projects happen frequently in big cities, posing a range of hazards. Falling objects, such as construction tools, bricks, and building materials, can seriously injure or kill victims walking below. Even the smallest mistake at a construction site can cause a major head or brain injury when falling debris strikes someone. If you are a victim of falling debris in Dallas, TX, learn your rights.

Injuries From Falling Debris

When any heavy object falls from a height, it gains speed and momentum on the journey down. By the time it comes into contact with something, like a worker or pedestrian’s unprotected skull, its speed has increased significantly – making the falling object even more dangerous than it is on its own. If a worker or pedestrian below is the target of falling debris, like construction tools or building materials, he or she can suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Any blunt force trauma to the head can crack the skull and damage the brain. Traumatic brain and head injuries are two leading causes of death in collisions. A victim of falling debris may or may not have visible signs of injury, even if the victim has a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or concussion. Victims of falling debris often have multiple traumas, including fractured skulls and brain injuries.

When an object applies strong force to the head, it can cause the brain to bounce around inside the skull. This can injure the brain, bruising its tissues or damaging nerve connections. A TBI can be minor, moderate, or severe. Mild to moderate TBIs can cause confusion and memory loss, while severe TBIs may result in permanent cognitive damage. Other potential injuries during a falling debris event include bleeding in the brain, hematoma, and hemorrhaging. Head and brain injuries can have serious, lifelong consequences.

Negligence and Falling Debris

Falling debris typically results from someone’s negligence. Unsecured tools and materials while working at a site may fall off of scaffolding or blow away in strong winds and pose a threat to anyone below. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) outlines certain regulations for falling object protection. According to these rules, construction workers must:

  • Secure loose items aloft. Workers must secure tools, equipment, and material against collisional displacement while not in use. If an improperly trained or negligent worker fails to abide by this rule, causing a falling debris injury, he or she will be liable for resultant injuries.
  • Wear proper overhead protection. Construction site employers or managers must provide regulation-grade overhead protection to all employees working below steel erections. The controlling contractor must bar any construction work above until employees have overhead protection.

When someone breaks these rules or otherwise behaves in a way that could reasonably cause harm to the people below, the person is responsible for any falling debris injuries. If you have been involved in any type of construction collision, including a falling debris event, partner with a local Dallas, TX personal injury attorney to file a claim against the responsible party and receive compensation for your injuries.

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The Law Office of Stephen W. Shoultz has over 35 years of legal experience with construction collisions and workplace injuries — we achieved the number seven verdict for workplace safety in 2009. Falling debris can cause severe head and brain trauma as well as a number of other blunt force trauma injuries. Do not let a worker or construction company get away with an act of negligence that changed your life. Contact us today to start your personal injury claim.