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Dallas Defective Car Parts Attorney

Product manufacturers have a legal obligation to ensure their products do not pose any unreasonable risks to consumers. This is especially true of the automobile industry. Vehicle manufacturers and parts manufacturers work under heavy regulations to ensure safety, quality, and consistency in production. Unfortunately, sometimes defects make their way to the end customer’s vehicle, resulting in a crash. When defective automobile parts lead to an injury-causing collision, victims need to know their rights.

Defective Product Laws

Every manufacturer must take several measures to ensure consumers are safe when using its products. Some products, such as knives, firearms, and flame lighters, entail inherent risks due to their intended uses. However, the manufacturer must include comprehensive and clear instructions for use, safety instructions for proper handling of the item, and warnings of any potential risks of using the item. If the manufacturer fails to do so, it can be liable for any resulting customer injuries.

When a defective product injures a consumer, the resulting legal discourse falls under the purview of product liability law. If a product you think was defective injures you, it’s important to know how to define “defective” in the legal sense. A court will deem a product defective in one of three ways:

  • Defective by design. When there is an inherent flaw in the design of a product, the entire product line is unsafe. A famous example of a defective product design is the infamous Ford Pinto’s poorly conceived rear-end gas tank, which caused explosions when the vehicle was struck from behind, even at moderate speeds.
  • Defective by manufacture. If the manufacturer assembled a product incorrectly or there was a problem with the materials used in its manufacture, the defect may affect only some batches or all of the product. This might happen if a manufacturer changes to a new supplier with lower-quality raw materials.
  • Defective marketing. The manufacturer dishonestly or inaccurately represented the product. This could extend to the product failing to meet the manufacturer’s claims in terms of its range of uses or structural integrity, a failure to warn customers of potential safety hazards properly, or a failure to include complete instructions for use.

If you have suffered an injury in the Dallas area and you believe a defective vehicle part was to blame, it’s vital that you connect with a reliable, experienced attorney as soon as you are able following your collision.

Claiming Compensation

When one party injures another, the injured party can file a civil action against the offender in order to secure compensation for the injury, also known as a personal injury claim. Automobile collisions can be seriously injurious and are often fatal. If a vehicle collision leaves you with injuries, any subsequent lawsuit would be a personal injury claim against the responsible party or parties.

Due to the serious nature of automobile collisions, you may be able to sue for:

  • Property damage to your vehicle and other property damaged in the collision.
  • Medical expenses for your injuries. This can include fees for emergency services, hospital bills, prescriptions, any necessary follow-up procedures, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and any other medical expenses incurred by the injury.
  • Pain and suffering. Some injuries, such as broken bones, burns, and lacerations, are excruciating. The mental trauma of a serious collision can leave lasting mental scars, especially if the collision results in a permanent impairment.
  • Lost wages from missing time from work. You can sue the offending driver for the time you were forced to stay home from work. If your injuries prevent you from resuming your job, you also can sue for lost potential income, or the income you would have been reasonably expected to earn in the future had you not been injured.

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