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What Is The Texas Good Samaritan Law?

Texas, like many other states, offers certain legal protections to individuals who provide emergency medical assistance. These laws shield well-intentioned citizens from liability, as long as their actions were in good faith. It creates an incentive for citizens to help one another in times of emergency. In a legal sense, a “Good Samaritan” is someone who renders aid to another. Usually, this term applies to individuals or “regular citizens.” A... Read More

Teen Driver Safety Week: Tips To Keep Your Teen Safe Behind The Wheel

Teen Driver Safety Week is upon us. This provides an opportunity for parents and community members to raise awareness and promote safe behavior behind the wheel. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help your teens maximize their safety behind the wheel. Encourage your young driver to take the following actions: Eliminate Distractions Distractions are dangerous for all drivers, but especially those with less experience. According to recent... Read More

Halloween Safety Month: Tips For Safe Trick-or-Treating

Halloween is just around the corner. This fall holiday is a favorite for kids and adults alike, as it provides an opportunity to dress up, stay up late, and eat candy. However, this night can also lead to injury. As adults go to Halloween-themed parties and drink alcohol, there is an increased chance of drunk driving accidents. Combine this with the fact that there are more children on the street... Read More

Is Buzzed Driving Really Drunk Driving?

The familiar, “I’m OK to drive,” after someone has been drinking, is a testament to his or her alcohol-driven overconfidence – not actual ability. The number of drinks does not matter. Even with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level below Texas’ legal limit of 0.08%, a driver can be guilty of driving under the influence. Any amount of alcohol can impair driving ability. In Texas and around the world, buzzed... Read More

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds In Texas

Under the wrong circumstances, any dog can be dangerous. Yet data shows that some breeds are more often involved in personal injury and wrongful death accidents than others. This is partly because some breeds cause more harm with their bites. A Chihuahua would cause less damage than a Great Dane in an attack, for example. Learning the three most dangerous dog breeds in Texas, based on statewide data, can help... Read More

When Do Employers Have Liability In A Car Accident Case?

Many of the drivers you interact with on Dallas’ roadways are on-duty employees. Delivery people, government employees, commercial truck drivers, FedEx/UPS drivers, Uber and Lyft drivers, taxicab drivers, and other employees must all get behind the wheel on public roads as part of their jobs. If a company employee contributes to a car accident while performing work-related tasks, the employer may be vicariously liable for damages. Here’s how the law... Read More

Who Is At Fault For A Jaywalking Accident In Dallas?

Most Americans are familiar with jaywalking, the act of crossing a road somewhere other than a designated crosswalk. While jaywalking may not appear to be a significant crime, the fact of the matter is that jaywalking rules exist for a reason, namely to protect pedestrians. When pedestrians choose to jaywalk, they are essentially breaking the law despite it appearing to be a victimless act. However, what happens if a vehicle... Read More

Malorie’s Law: Texas Motorcycle Laws for Child Passengers

Motorcycles are more than just vehicles to many Americans – they are beloved pastimes and hobbies. Many motorcyclists enjoy sharing rides with their children, but it is absolutely essential to recognize the inherent dangers motorcycles present to all riders, especially small ones. Motorcycles are arguably the most vulnerable vehicles on the road, and child passengers face the highest risks of injuries and fatalities in motorcycle accidents. Texas’ Laws for Motorcycles... Read More

What Happens If An Uninsured Driver Hits Me?

Automobile insurance exists to help victims of car accidents pay for their damages and cover the damage they inflict on other drivers. While it’s illegal to drive without car insurance, many individuals still choose to do so, creating serious problems for other drivers on the road. It’s essential for every American motorist to acknowledge the importance of auto insurance, and to know what to do in the event of an... Read More

Practicing Pool Safety This Summer

Hitting the pool can be a great way to escape the sweltering Texas heat during the summer. Unfortunately, it can also pose serious health threats – especially to children. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drowning is currently the fifth leading cause of unintentional death in the U.S. Children ages one to four have the highest drowning rates, with most incidents occurring in home swimming pools.... Read More